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30 April 2013 @ 03:04 pm
2 essays 1 project 3 days? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED  
i have a bit of work to do. my essay on the boston public library just needs some final edits and a bibliography and then i'm done. as for the 10 page paper on american exceptionalism... i have one and a half polished pages.. single spaced! aha! almost there!!

i've been feeling pretty lonely so far. i know this is how i feel when i'm stressed but it's still not a great feeling. i want someone to be close to and stuff *kicks a pebble*

i've been watching community and just finished the 3rd season. i'm going to try to hold off at least until reading week starts up in a couple of days. i've also been thinking more about what i want to do after undergrad school and i have no idea anymore! i thought about continuing history or doing a masters in IR instead, but i'm also interested in physical geography and environmental policy/sustainable development. i've never taken an econ class in my life so i feel like i'm not very prepared to pursue it... for now i'll see if i can take a micro or macro class next fall. then i'll read some magazines and journals over the summer to learn more about the field!