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02 May 2013 @ 12:24 am
this is sadly the most impulsive thing i've done in a really long time.

today at lunch i spotted Chino leaving the dining hall holding a longboard. he was in the same snowboarding class that i took earlier in the semester. i later learned that he also took rock climbing with my roommate. i secertly think he dos everything but this has yet to be confirmed. anyway, i nodded to him on the way in because i was hungry as heck... i had just purchased a longboard a couple weeks ago and thought it was neat that a fellow novice snowboarder apparently made the same snowboarding to longboarding conclusion that i did! so i texted him like "do you longboard" and he responded with "Yes, I do have a longboard" and for some reason that answer made me really anxious because like. i saw his longboard so i knew it was his already?? the last texting convo we had ended weirdly and concerned prostitution??? but i bravely forged on and we texted about boards and brands and stuff, then he invited me try it out on the esplanade with him later on. I ALMOST BACKED OUT BECAUSE WEIRD AMOUNT OF ANXIETY AND ALSO ESSAY but in the end i sucked it up and walked the esplanade and fake talked on the phone to ease my nerves. but then i couldn't find him because its the fucking esplanade and i was so bluh but then he rolled up and i was like okay cool.

i forgot to ask what the name of his board was but it was a sector 9 pintail. the one he rode was super flexy and turny. it took a while for me to get my balance on my front foot and i think my stance was too wide! but it was a lot of fun! i never walked the esplanade and gosh it is beautiful and busy. people jog and bike. i may have endangered one or two people by veering into oncoming traffic. no bugs, few cracks, the charles and a sunsetting on cambridge on the opposite bank. we chatted lightly the whole way and i couldn't go very fast. we paused at a small harbor thingy and sat in a chair for like 2 mins, then went to a small slope rampy thingy and went down. i didn't fall! then we went back because essay.

it was great

i went back and told roommate about it and she made this series of "aww"s that were starting to imply weird stuff. stop. i'm too asexual for that. i'm used to my guy friends from high school and my cool bu friends like brandon, ray, bo, etc but i still feel social expectations sometimes here in college that just makes me feel anxious.
i think anxiety is a heavy theme today
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