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07 January 2014 @ 08:20 am
serious life update  
i missed an entire semester! there's not much to say about it really. in fall 2013 i didn't study abroad in istanbul because the classes there would have given me only 3 credit hours per class. instead i stayed on campus and took some awesome classes! nordic history, the history of muslim societies, american foreign policy after 1867. the last one was actually a boring class... but i also took a billiards class and discovered a love for ice skating. right now i'm on winter break and wil be back at school in about a week. i'm taking 5 (!!!) actual classes and will probably be mad busy keeping up with the readings.

but now the fun updates oh gosh. my family bought a ps3 and my sister and i have ben having a blast playing through the entire assassin's creed franchise as fast as possible during our breaks. i'm playing through ac4 now. the naval stuff seems pretty and easy but then i always end up in the middle of a storm surrounded by british naval patrols yelling "i just wanted this one!" -- but boy are the graphics beautiful! so seamless!


  • watching gameplays on youtube. so far i've watched twd, the last of us, the cat lady and i tried the horror game outlast. that... was way too scary. bioshock infinite is a lot more violent than i thought it would be too!

  • game of thrones is absolutely wonderful too! bbc sherlock season three started at long last. i've been watching it here.

  • calpico soft drinks (original and lychee)

i know i leave you with this