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24 April 2013 @ 03:49 pm
in other news i made another purchase almost as dubious as that bodyline dress

ARBOR BUG G.T. LONGBOARD. HUH?! i know. there is a sound reason for this purchase. after taking my snowboarding class this winter i really began to love the sport, but was only able to hit the slopes three times. i did some googling and learned that longboarding is a good off seasonn alternative to snowboarding! so this summer i am going to go on this thing as much as possible!
04 April 2013 @ 10:02 am
i went to new york!!! gosh i don't remember liking the city that much when i went in the early 2000s but this time i really loved the feel of the place. we left BU at 7.30am on a comfy crystal transport bus. the inbound trip took about 4 hrs. we went to the UN Headquarters first, where everyone took curious note that the Turkish center had the prime spot next to the US Mission for some reason. the tour was interesting, but not that memorable for me. being able to see the negotiation rooms in person was pretty nice... afterwards we broke up into smaller groups to go to our separate embassies. our pakistani group then broke up again in order to split cabs to the pakistani mission, which was in an absolutely gorgeous building. we went up, met with the several members and briefly with the ambassador, saw prof haqqani's picture hanging up there on the wall. sadly i did not ask any questions but the experience was still enlightening. we left, couldn't find a single willing cab, so ended up walking down 5th avenue from central park all the way back to the headquarters. it had to be more than 8 blocks, but wow, seeing the city was great. i love how wide the streets were and all of the shops and beautiful architecture.

hopped back on the bus, went back.

it was great.

then i had to quickly do my comp sci homework before midnight. still worth it.

in other news, i think i will accept the bogazici exchange program and pray that i'll have enough credits. if all else fails i will overload my last semester, or consider taking one or two summer courses this summer to make up for it. this is an experience that i don't really want to pass up... especially after talking to a few of the girls on the trip yesterday who went on two study abroads! they say the experience is something everyone should have, and i really want to have a genuine experience in the dorms and on a college campus unlike the CLS Program!

also, i had a dream that a Greece and Egypt joined the hetalia roleplay group i'm in. and the egypt was mabel? my OTP invades everything.
30 March 2013 @ 02:40 pm
how are my friends so nice! and why don't i talk to them more!

our facebook chat group has been host to all kinds of deep discussions ever since we split off after highschool. tv shows, games, amusing youtube videos, but mostly trendy current topics. right now we're discussing polyamory and wow, it's great to see that everyone's receptive toward it, even if just discussing it. *sigh* who knew your high school friends could ever hold for this long?

internet friends are nice. i want to talk to kristen more but she's super busy, which i respect! but still - arg! i'm kind of losing touch with tumblr folks since i'm spending much less time there. ah well.

oh! big news! i got nominated for the Bogazici exchange program! i must decide whether or not to take it after what will surely be a thrilling discussion with my reluctant parents, hammering out details of credit tranfers and status (i would only get 3 credits per class! geez!), and seeing whether there are actually classes i want to take at the uni. if all goes well i will spend a lovely semester abroad in istanbul < 3 hopefully things will go well!
30 March 2013 @ 12:13 pm
this is turning into a real journal, isn't it?

Dear Diary,

yesterday i watched a friend play the walking along with a few others. i'd never seen it before and dismissed the series as another zombie thriller bluh bluh. i was wrong. the protag is cool and so is the style and the episodic set-up of the game. okay but there is some fucked up shit in there. i mean holy shit. i was screaming and i'm not a screamer but i was just laughing nervously and screaming and genuinely upset about the split second decisions we all had to make and the fate of some of the charactera (MARK/!!!!!). holy moly. afterwards i had to walk back to my brownstone at 2am in the dark. some guys were whooping and paper was rustling and i felt like i was going to cry. this zombie game has turned me into a little baby. it was such a fun way to spend a friday night though

i seriously need to invest in a steam account
29 March 2013 @ 04:07 pm
writing to a professor is still a challenge sometimes. i wrote this huge chunk of a paper topic idea to my prof and he replied a lot shorter and simpler saying it was good, but now i'm like "omg i wrote too much i could have been more succinct he doesnt want to read about me getting all excited about american exceptionalism" i also cracked a bit of humor hff hff why did i do that i bet they weren't funny...

communication is hard. it's hard and nobody understands
28 March 2013 @ 12:37 am
i love it when people message me little things that remind them of me < 333

and oh gosh. not-poignant is a really sweet person. i think a have a crush of admiration and appreciation. darn those writers!! they get me every time!

i finally read Batgirl: The Darkest Reflection Vol. 1! i'm sure a lot of people dislike her recovery from Oracle (who didn't need recovering because she was cool and a force of her own!) or resent that batgirl is barbara gordon instead of the blonde one. but taken on it's own as someone who's never read the other batgirl comics, i really enjoyed it! her inner voice is engaging and spunky, the intro makes you want to read on, her challenges are believable although some of it got a little repetitive especially in the mirror arc. plus the color scheme was simply gorgeous. that graveyard page? unf. the purple on her cape? *flutters* she's kicking ass well for being back so soon. and talk about being flexible. holy moly. is this possible??

take me babs. i love youuuuuu

i mean jesus these colors. that pose. dat composition^^^

you don't know how happy this makes me. i love partnerships. their interaction and the flashback to her accident when he held her hand *chokes* perfect-o

okay i'm not gonna lie i'm digging the chemistry between babs and dick/nightwing a lot. i'm digging it really really hard. i'd forgotten about their on-and-off relationship i must say that when it's on: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
26 March 2013 @ 09:47 pm
i don't know why i'm so tired when my workload has been light this semester compared to others. it is probably because i'm not taking any history classes, when history is my major. i really want to write a research paper ;__; maybe i will try to get enthusiastic about my race relations paper and try talking about a country i don't usually study? we watched a pbs docu on affirmative action in brazil. their conceptions of black and white was pretty interesting. it makes me sad how little americans are taught about their own hemisphere and neighbors. canadian history? nah. south american history? nope!

oh! and in my diplomatic practice class we're going to talk about american exceptionalism! i'm so excited. i believe in american exceptionalism not as an abstract truth but as a concept that many american leaders espoused, consciously or not, to rally up patriotism and inject a lot of national pride and can-do attitude.

oh oh! i also applied to an exchange program at Bogazici University for Fall 2013. it would be my last time to go to turkey for i don't know how long. when i visited the campus last summer it seemed huge! we had to take a taxi to the gates and climb and climb in the cool night air. along the way we stumbled upon a big stray dog that accompanied us part of the way then wondered off on it's own. a group of students were sitting and playing music at a little niche overlooking the bosphoros. when we reached the top we stopped for tea, and played a word game i just remembered! it was something about kabaklar... we all counted off. someone starts by saying something about wanting squash. "__ kabak olmaz!" "kac kabak olur?", "8 kabak olur" and you stare at different people while saying the number to throw them off. i obviously don't remember the details, but i got into it! then we played again but the penalty was to sing a song. that night was magical man

i have the chance to have more magical nights in istanbul! this time i will MAKE MYSELF open up and have fun, darn me. life is too short to sit on the side lines!!!!! listen to me, me!!!!
26 March 2013 @ 01:23 pm

23 March 2013 @ 06:25 pm
i am sick with the coughing and the sneezing. it’s really gross. hopefully i’ll feel better by tomorrow morning, at least so that i can stop sneezing so much, because i find interacting with and touching things while sick nasty! i have a comp sci quiz to study for but i can’t work up the mood to crack open these programs and study it. bluh )-:

last night  From the Darkness We Rise updated

can i have my own personal North? please??

he’s so wholesome and thoughtful, and even though he dropped the ball with Jack earlier he’s doing his darndest to understand the sprite now. ugghbubu. i can imagine him down there with the reindeer, smooshing his face against them a bemoaning “What was I thinking? How did I miss this? How could I not know! Rudolph do not eat those!”

and Pitch. Pitch! every time he does that fear-sensing thing with Jack and drops everything to pick him out and anchor him with a gaze i’m like. ugh. stop being so attuned to him. stop. just don’t do that, my heart can’t handle the subtle things. his comment about the Nain Rouge not taking any of Jack’s heart. NOPE NOPE NOpe!!

and as for the next chapter. all i have to say is: ehehehe

not-poignant is such a chill author too. it's all around great / q \

23 March 2013 @ 12:40 am
i wanted to call it a "haul" but i only bought two items...